Friday, January 13, 2006

Where Dinner Is the Show

I'm going to do my best Ace Cowboy impression and write about some news of the weird from Long Island and the New York Rangers. Check out this story about a guy who died from complications after neck surgery. Neck surgery that was required after he "wrenched his neck" dodging a flying shrimp at a Benihana restaurant. A staggering, yet statistically insignificant, number of people die undignified deaths every year in this country, but this has to be one of least dignified ones that I've come across in a while. Could you imagine having to tell your family, friends, co-workers, etc. that one of your loved ones was done in by a flying shrimp? The family is suing Benihana for $10 million. It seems to me that suing the hospital where the neck surgery was performed or possibly even Jackie Chan would be a better legal strategy, but I am not a lawyer so I don't really know how these things work.

In happier news, the Rangers retired Mark Messier's number last night. I haven't been paying much attention to hockey this season, but I caught the end of the game and it really reminded me of what I like about hockey. For starters, the game was exciting. Jagr won the game for the Rangers 14 seconds into overtime after the Oilers failed to maintain control of the puck after winning the opening face-off. Both coaches wore a 'C' on the lapels of their suits in honor of Messier. They televised the three stars of the game ritual after the game, which was something that I had nearly forgotten about. Even Jagr, who is a prima donna by NHL standards, at least acted like he was happy to have been named the number one star of the night and acknowledged the crowd when he skated out during the ceremony. Most hockey players seem to genuinely enjoy playing hockey for a living, and that's not something that you always see with other professional sports.



MDS said...

Wow. I never realized the extent to which wrenching one's neck (or back) could lead to death.

This sounds like a candidate for the Darwin Awards. I have never read even a word of the Darwin Awards, but I dislike them for two reasons. One is that I think it misappropriates the name of one of my heroes, perpetuating the myth that Darwin's ideas were all about avoiding death.

More importantly, though, they just strike me as incredibly mean-spirited. We're supposed to laugh at someone dying because he didn't know how to turn his stove off properly or something?

Ace Cowboy said...

Messier, what can I say? Well, I guess I can say a lot, and I did over on Slack...

And, hey, that's the first time anyone ever wanted to emulate me -- yaaaay! I've made it!

dhodge said...

I agree that the Darwin awards are responsible for speading misinformation about their namesake's work, but I don't find most of them all that mean-spirited. Don't get me wrong MDS, I'd be sad if you were to meet your untimely demise in a tragic game of drunken rooftop football, but I don't think pointing out the fact that two cases of beer, a rooftop, and the game of football do not go together is all that mean-spirited.

I enjoyed the Messier tribute, Ace. I assume that I'll have similar thoughts when they hang Stevie Y's jersey from the rafters of Joe Louis.