Sunday, January 08, 2006

Jump Start

Jump Start, a comic strip that usually concerns itself with the life of an affable African-American family and their humorous friends and relatives, threw its hat into the intelligent design debate today.

I am totally stumped by this one. The moon appears to be talking to the earth, which the sun misinterprets as the voice of God. Perhaps it is an attempt to link the big bang, evolution, and intelligent design under the umbrella of some kind of super Gaia theory where all planets and celestial objects are self-aware and debate each other about culture war touchstones.



MDS said...

Yeah, I can't figure that out either. Maybe this is like the infamous Far Side "Cow Tools" comic that Gary Larson later acknowledged was neither funny nor comprehensible.

BTW, nice technoratti tags. What led you to add those?

dhodge said...

I think you're giving Robb Armstrong too much credit, but who knows. I actually think Jump Start is a good comic strip, so I hope this is only a one-time thing. As far as the tags are concerned, I'm a big fan of the "tagged" Internet concept, so I decided to start participating in it.

gregorykwu said...

As much as I would love to believe that Robb Armstrong is promoting a super Gaia theory of self-aware celestial bodies, I think the sun is just offering its unsolicited opinion to the moon on its belief that God is the answer to the moon's questions.

Hopefully in next week's Beetle Bailey Mort Walker will express an opinion on the Gaza pullout in five panels involving Beetle and the Sarge.