Thursday, January 05, 2006

Good Game

I've got to say that last night's USC-Texas game was one of the few super-hyped sporting events that actually lived up to its hype. I was on the edge of my seat for most of the night and I had no real rooting and/or betting interest in the game. Even the crowd was amazing. I can't recall any time during the game that the crowd wasn't making a ton of noise. They were probably screaming during the commercial breaks and TV times-out (does Keith Jackson always pluralize time-out that way? Is it grammatically correct?) When Texas cut their deficit to five with about 4:00 left, I scripted out how I wanted the game to end: Texas' defense comes up with a stop, Texas drives, scores a TD with < 1:00 left, USC takes over and tries to win/force OT as the clock expires. That's what I wanted, and it was exactly what I got. I can't really fault USC for not punting at midfield on 4th and 2 with about 2:00 left. Normally, I'm a big believer in field position, but when you're the defending champ holding onto a small lead with 2:00 left, you have to go for it and count on your defense to make a big play if you don't make it. The Vince Young touchdown that put Texas up for good with 0:19 left was amazing. When they lined up for that play, I had a feeling that Young was going to run it in for the score. I think most of the viewing audience, spectators, and players had the same feeling too. It was an incredible night of football.


gregorykwu said...


As I was watching the 4th quarter, all I could think about was how it looked like Texas threw away their game plan and ran the 5-minute offense with VY in the Randall/Adam Cunningham role.

As you know, I attended last year's Rose Bowl game, and this year's game followed nearly the exact same script. I was sick to my stomach last year when Michigan couldn't tackle VY, but this time I enjoyed his performance more knowing Michigan is not the only team that has difficulty stopping him.

dhodge said...

I know what you're saying. USC had some success when they pressured the QB, so I'm not sure why they didn't try to do it more often. You're probably better off trying to force Young to beat you with his arm rather than his feet, though I don't think USC could have stopped him either way last night unless they were allowed to line up 22 players on defense.

MDS said...

I watched it live at a sports bar in London (kickoff 1 a.m. Greenwich mean time) with about 200 fans, all of them, as far as I can tell, Americans. What an amazing game. Vince Young is one of the most gifted players I've ever seen with the ball in his hands. He doesn't have as much speed as Mike Vick, but he can see the field and find holes in the defense better than any quarterback I've ever seen.