Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Tag Team

Astute readers will notice that I have started added tags to my posts. These tags are little more than hyperlinks that link back to Technorati, which is a blog searching tool. The main reason that I did this was because I think that tagging is a really great idea. I was very enthusiastic about tagging from the get-go, and this article from Technology Review last year helped seal the deal for me. It's a simple way for content producers to associate metadata with their content that makes it much easier for search engines to find relevant content. I definitely think that it's going to become a lot more common over the next few years and I am fairly certain that new and better ways of tagging information will emerge. I wish Blogger supported tags natively like some other blog publishing software. Ideally, I'd like the tags on my blog to take readers to all of the other posts that I have written that contain the selected tags instead of taking them to the Technorati search engine, but the system that I have right now is a start.


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