Monday, January 23, 2006

The Truth is Stranger Than Satire

As a fan of both satire and sports, I initially held out a lot of hope for publications devoted to sports satire, such as Sports Pickle and The Onion's Sports Section. More often than not, I find the stories that they write lacking in humor, creativity, and wit. I have come to realize the real news that comes out of the sports world is usually so ridiculous, tragic, ironic, or funny that trying to satirize it is generally an exercise in futility.

Nothing illustrates this point better than this recent post on Deadspin. The post is a bitterly sarcastic take on the new Ultimate Arena Paintball League, a renegade extreme sports league that was either too cheap or too stupid to acquire the rights to for their official league website.

Until the sporting world decides to stop providing us with Fark-quality headlines on a daily basis, get your sports humor fix from places like Deadspin or even your local sports section, where the truth is always stranger than fiction, and usually funnier to boot.


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