Friday, July 25, 2008


You might want to consider moving to Syracuse. According to CNN, it's the 14th best place in the US for singles. While I was never technically single when I lived in the 'Cuse, it didn't really strike me a singles hotspot. If you're single and looking to move but don't think you can handle the fast pace and subtropical weather of Syracuse, don't despair - Marquette, MI came in 23rd place.

Even by the incredibly low journalistic standards of the top 10/25/100 lists that news organizations put together to drum up sales, this list is pretty weak. The article doesn't even explain their selection methodology. Apparently, it's the 25 cities in America with the highest percentage of singles and an "over-30 scene". I'm not even sure if the ratio of single men to single women was factored into their calculation (or the percentage of single homosexuals, for that matter).

h/t Hermano

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