Sunday, October 02, 2005

Growing Family

We are proud to announce our new car, a 2005 Toyota Prius. We took delivery of the 175 inch, 2890 pound bundle of joy on Friday after work. Mother and the as yet unnamed car are resting and doing fine.


MDS said...

Would you care to elaborate on your reasons for getting a Prius?

dusty said...

So that makes a Subaru and a Prius?

Unknown said...

Michelle is a big fan of the hybrid concept. Her last car, which met an untimely demise at the bottom of a flooded parking lot, was the hybrid version of the Honda Civic. The Prius easily puts the hybrid Civic to shame. It's got more power, it's more efficient, and it has more room for passengers and cargo. I still think it's kind of ugly, but it has grown on me.

Hybrids are still in the early adopter stage of their existence, so you're definitely paying a premium to own one. On my own, I probably wouldn't be willing to pay that premium, but I don't think that it’s outrageous and I hope that the next time we're in a market for a car, there will be a hybrid that fits what I'm looking for, so hopefully, this purchase will in some way help pave the way for future hybrid models. If you ask me, unless you do an excessive amount of stop-and-go driving, you're still better off going for a conventional compact car with good fuel efficiency, but if you want to go hybrid, the Prius is definitely the way to go.

Alas Dusty, you are correct. Two more native Detroiters have turned Japanese. If it’s any consolation, my Subaru was built in Lafayette, IN. It’s probably the only reason my Dad hasn’t disowned me.

MDS said...

I don't really know the economics of the hybrid, although I know a few other people who drive them. It's my understanding that you get a tax break and you're saving a lot on gas, but they're also a lot more expensive, is that correct? I didn't realize that your wife had such a do-gooder streak. Is Michelle a tree hugger, or does she prefer not to send money to terrorists, or what?