Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Big Least

How bad is Big East football this year? Consider this quote from Bob Snyder's column in yesterday's Post-Standard:
Of seven I-A teams still winless this season, three - UB, Army, Florida Atlantic - have been the foils for 31 percent of the Big East's I-A victories.


MDS said...

When the conferences got together and formed the BCS, one of the ways they placated all the people who didn't like it was that they told us any conference that wasn't consistently competing would be dropped. Since then, of course, they've added a bunch of provisions by which a conference can stay in. It's fair to say they're not going to drop the Big East, even though it really has no business being considered one of the top conferences. There aren't six major conferences. There are five. There's really no reason at all that the Big East should get an automatic bid over the Mountain West. Last year the Mountain West champ (Utah) crushed the Big East champ (Pittsburgh). Even though Utah isn't as good this year, top to bottom I still think the Mountain West is a superior conference. It would be a great step in the right direction if the BCS would drop the Big East automatic bid and give that to the best team from any of the conferences outside the Top 5. That team would still be a Big East team some years, of course. But this year (and last) the Big East has no business in the BCS.

Unknown said...

The BCS is a total crock, of course. I wonder how a team like the University at Buffalo would fare against USC? They've lost to Syracuse, Rutgers, and UConn by a combined total of 86-3 this year. I think that an all-star team made up of the best players on Syracuse, Rutgers, and UConn would probably lose to USC 86-3, so I can only image how poorly Buffalo would fare. The great irony of American football is that money is a much bigger factor in the ostensibly amateur NCAA than in the NFL. If I was an economist, this is where I would offer an explanation for this phenomenon using concepts like efficient markets, price controls, and equilibria.

MDS said...

If any Big East teams want to turn it around, I'd highly recommend hiring Bill McCartney. He's a great recruiter because all the top players know if they play for him they get to nail his daughter.