Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Fall Classic

As my friend MDS pointed out to me today, the past two times that I have visited him and gone to see a baseball game, the home team has gone on to win the World Series. It is perhaps even more amazing that over the past six seasons, I have attended a total of seven major league baseball games, and in four out of those seven games, one of the teams playing has gone on to win the World Series. Here's my record, World Series champs in bold.

New York Yankees at Detroit

Arizona at Kansas City

Baltimore at Anaheim
Texas at Boston

Seattle at Kansas City

Seattle at Detroit

Los Angeles Dodgers at Chicago White Sox


MDS said...

A smart owner would pay you to attend one of his games. If a mediocre shortstop is worth a million bucks, your ability to improve a team's championship chances simply by attending a game has to be worth six figures.

dhodge said...

Michael Lewis is writing an addendum to "Moneyball" dealing with the importance of including strategic spectators (such as me) in the stands for one game and its impact on postseason performance.