Friday, August 26, 2005

Timmy Can You Hear Me?

The news out of Allen Park is that the Lions have just signed former U of Hawaii QB Timmy Chang. Chang is the most prolific passer in NCAA history, whether he was throwing the ball to his teammates or the opposition. Despite these gaudy statistics, he's currently number five on the Lions depth chart. I don't expect that Chang has a future with the Lions or any other NFL team (though the media is very desirous to see an Asian-American quarterback do well). The only reason I even mention this is because he just seems like the kind of QB that eternally fickle Lions fans would really get behind once Harrington, Garcia, et al get into a tough spot.


dusty said...

Andre Ware, Mark II.

MDS said...

I was very glad that Chang broke the all-time interception record before he broke the all-time yards record. People in the media were jumping all over each other to proclaim Chang's greatness without bothering to point out that he simply accumulated numbers by playing in a pass-happy offense. The Lions have played June Jones-tutored QBs before and it hasn't worked well.

gregorykwu said...

Based on last night's debacle against the Rams, Matt Millen is flying me to have a tryout. As the all-time leading passer in TFFL history along with my experience with the 5-minute offense, I will no doubt soon be lighting up with the Lions' receivers calling "Desmond" on every play.