Thursday, August 18, 2005

Public Service Announcement

I learned about this website today. I haven't looked into it too much, but it seems reputable and I have no reason to distrust the person who told me about it. Like the creator of this site, I was once the victim of a moving scam. I haven't hired a moving company since then, though I now have way too much stuff to move again on my own, so this website will hopefully help me out the next time I move. I forgot the name of the moving company that scammed me, so I'll have to check my records tonight to see if they are blacklisted on this site.

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MDS said...

Can you please tell us, your loyal readers, the details of this moving scam you fell prey to? How much were you charged and what was the price you were quoted? When I moved across the country the driver charged more than I was quoted, but that was only $100 more, and we were already getting a good deal because my wife's cousin once removed works for the moving company.

But more importantly, dhodge, I don't think you should just cryptically refer to how you now have more stuff without telling your readers what major life-changing occasion led to this acquisition of more stuff, and in addition, explaining what you've been doing in this long absence from your blog.