Thursday, August 25, 2005

Grizzly Adams

Acclaimed German director Werner Herzog has a new documentary entitled Grizzly Man. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm very interested. It's the story of Timothy Treadwell, a man who lived with, studied, and advocated for the grizzly bears of Alaska, until he was mauled to death by one of them. I'm fascinated by all bear species, and I'm especially fascinated by the grizzly. They are very noble animals who have an amazing amount of intelligence and physical strength. While I hope to never encounter a grizzly in the wild, grizzly attacks on humans are quite rare. Treadwell set up an advocacy group called Grizzy People before his death that is continuing his work.


MDS said...

I have seen it and I highly recommend it. I also recommend Grizzly Maze, a book about Treadwell.

I sense from your post that you're a Treadwell fan. Although there's a part of me that admires someone who so single-mindedly goes after what most inspires him, I ultimately think he was a very selfish man who is to blame for the death of two grizzlies and at least partly to blame for the death of his girlfriend.

dusty said...

Haven't seen the film yet, but FYI, from Time Out NY, Herzog spares the moviegoer of the audio footage of the attack and shows instead Herzog's own reaction while listening on headphones, followed by his orders to destroy the tape. Given his propensity to shock in earlier films, I'm quite surprised he didn't start the film with that footage, but given that this is a real event, it's probably tasteful in the way he handled it.

dhodge said...

George Will opined about Treadwell in his column yesterday. From what I've read about Treadwell, it sounds like he was a pretty dysfunctional human being. I wouldn't put myself in either the pro- or anti- Treadwell camps just yet. Herzog offered some good insight into Treadwell as well as the film and some of his earlier films in his interview on Fresh Air last month.