Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Name Calling

Ever wonder how common your name is? Here's a list of the 1000 most common surnames in the US. The sum of the total occurrences of the top 1000 surnames in this list is just under 110,000,000, or about 36% of the total US population. I've pulled the list into a spreadsheet, in case you want to crunch the numbers for yourself.

(h/t: Hermano)


Michael David Smith said...

I'm interested in the racial breakdowns. I just took a quick glance through the list and didn't crunch the numbers in the spreadsheet, but it appears that among the most common surnames, Jackson is the only one that is majority black. I wonder why Jackson is such a common name among African-Americans.

dhodge said...

From Wikipedia: "...names such as Williams, Jackson, Harris, Davis, Brown, and Jones are common among African Americans, since slaves tended to be given, or adopt, their owners' surnames". Presumably, these surnames were common amongst American slave owners, though the Wikipedia article doesn't actually make that claim.