Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Little Engine That Could?

Now that Google has added Java support to the App Engine, I decided to finally give it a try. I decided to go the Eclipse plug-in route since I already use Eclipse, but the plug-in didn't seem to include the development server (as the docs lead me to believe), so I couldn't test the sample application locally. Rather than try and figure out what was wrong, I downloaded the standalone App Engine SDK and installed that as well. I got a bunch of errors when I started the development server because it requires Java 6 and I'm running Mac OS X 10.4, which doesn't have an official Java 6 SDK (remind me again why I thought switching to Mac was a great idea for Java development?). I tried the ancient pre-release Java 6 JDK that Apple put out a few years ago but it failed with a bunch of weird XML parser errors, so I tried SoyLatte JDK 6 1.0.3 and that finally worked. I logged into App Engine to register my account (which can only be done via SMS) and entered my mobile #, but I have I yet to receive my activation code text message so I'm stuck for the time being. From what I've read, others appear to have had more luck with it, so as always YMMV.


mdrcode said...

Hi DHodge - sorry to hear that you never received the SMS. Did you select the Carrier? This is a frequent problem encountered in the UI - when you select Country, it resets the Carrier list (defaults to Alaska something, I think). We're going to change it so that this is more obvious. If you did select the Carrier but still never received the SMS, please let me know (via reply here) and I can override for you.

-- mdrcode, Product Manager, Google App Engine

dhodge said...

Nope, I totally missed the carrier select list. I tried it again, choosing the correct carrier this time, and got my activation code right away. Thanks!

Mom Mavis said...

oh my! All I see is "blah blah blah blah blah..." I'm so confused, so I will "reset" and pretend that I never read this