Thursday, March 02, 2006

Rocky Mountain High

We were out at Breckenridge this past weekend, and I managed to take this great panoramic shot from peak 8. Special thanks to the skiers in the right-hand corner for not moving as I snapped the pictures.



MDS said...

That's a great picture. You should post more photos on your blog.

I heard a rumor that during this trip, you were a rather poor sport during a game of euchre. Would you care to confirm or deny this rumor?

dhodge said...

Perhaps I could have comported myself better in the face of rampant cheating and table-talking by Wu, Learnhardt, and even my own wife.

alan said...

Even with the rampant cheating I believe the Hodge brothers only lost one game.

gregorykwu said...

Hodge, you think after 15 or so years of friendship you would have learned to spell Leanhardt's name. And for the record, there was no "rampant" cheating. There was, however, lots of witty banter about Mandy's family, my uncle Jack, homosexuality, and the ever-changing racial composition of my neighborhood. Apparently Dan lost his sense of humor in his desire to become the uber-euchre player of the weekend.