Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Get Physical

I was flipping through an inflight magazine last month when I came across an ad for ROM - The 4-Minute Cross Trainer. I tend to be skeptical of anything that I see advertised in an inflight magazine, so when I saw an ad for a machine that looks like a torture device that promises a full-body workout in only four minutes and can be yours for the low, low price of $14,615, I thought that I had stumbled upon a satirical inflight magazine that was planted in my seatpocket by the editors of The Onion. The ROM is apparently legit, and there are even ROM gyms opening up that allow regular folks to experience this amazing workout without having to shell out 15 grand.

As this article points out, the four minute workout claim is misleading. It's a four minute upper-body workout, four minutes of rest, and a four minute lower-body workout. Maybe the ROM really is a 60 minute workout compressed into 12 minutes, I'm not really in a position to judge. Their low-quality website doesn't really inspire much confidence, and the endless barrage of high-pressure sales tactics only makes matters worse. If these two things weren't damning enough, the magazine ad included a testimonial from Tony Robbins, who owns three ROMs and keeps one at his home, one at his vacation home in Fiji, and brings the other one with him wherever he travels. Yikes.



svec said...

From their website:

"Experts in all fields of knowledge are guardians of the status-quo. [Bashing physical fitness experts and why those experts might dismiss the ROM.] That sort of reasoning of course is dumb circle reasoning..."

Unfortunately they're not talking about center points and radii.

Or perhaps the ROM folks are trying to reject the status-quo of grammar in the same way their bike rejects the status-quo of exercise.

MDS said...

I'm intrigued to try it. I don't really buy the idea that you could get into shape with eight minutes of exercise a day, although I suppose if it's incredibly intense, eight minutes could be worthwhile. The guy who said he used the ROM for a year, combined with a low-fat diet, and his waist only went from a 42 to a 38 isn't very inspiring.

What the hell is that picture of Tony Robbins supposed to be?

dhodge said...

You'd think that for 15K a pop, they could have hired someone to proofread their website.

Even if the ROM is as good as it claims to be, I think I'd go crazy doing the exact same workout all the time, even if it only takes eight minutes.

The T-Rob cartoon is taken from an episode of Family Guy. Someone else edited in the b&w photo. It came up on the first page of results for my Google image search, so I went with it.