Monday, March 06, 2006

Credit Is Due

I called the Post-Standard out for shoddy journalism last week after they published an article about record profits at Excellus, so I should mention that they ran a much better article about a related story today. Today's article looked into the factors behind the rising costs of health insurance premiums. It looked into a bill that has been stuck in the New York State Assembly since 2000 that would reinstate public hearings any time an insurance company raises health insurance premiums by more than five percent.

This is a very complicated issue and I think today's article, which attempts to explain some of the factors behind the high cost of health care, is much more useful than last week's article. I tend to believe that onerous levels of regulation are more to blame for the high cost of health care than insurance company greed, so I have my doubts that this bill would really bring down the cost of health insurance.


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