Friday, December 02, 2005

Brother, Can You Spare Some Gas?

I was approached by a guy with a gas can in downtown Syracuse today who asked me for some spare change because he and his wife had just run out of gas. He gestured over to his car, parked on a nearby street. There was definitely someone sitting in the passenger seat who at least appeared to be a woman so that part of his story was plausible. His plea would have been a little more convincing had the car not been idling at the time. It also would have been a little more convincing if he was near a gas station instead of in the middle of the downtown retail and entertainment district.

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alan said...

Did you give him any money? I have a lot of these encounters since these type of people tend to hang around downtown hotels. This week this guy followed me into a hotel elevator begging me for $15 to get a taxi to the airport becuase he didn't have any money and didn't get paid until Friay. Another guy tried the I don't get paid until Friday routine on me a few weeks ago. They must have some success with this plea.