Saturday, July 16, 2005

We are(n't) the Champions

I saw an ad for Buffalo Bills tickets in the paper today. It appears that one of their marketing gimmicks for this season is a special Celebration of Champions emblem commemorating the 40th anniversary of their 1965 AFL championship team. This emblem contains their modern logo, their original 1960s logo, and the years 1964, 1965, 1990, 1991, 1992, and 1993. The Bills won the AFL title in 1964 and 65, so I can understand why they are celebrating that. I can't figure out why they included their four consecutive AFC championship seasons from the early 90s. Sure, they had some great teams back then and came about as close to winning the Superbowl as any team could have without actually winning, but I think it's somewhat insulting to lump the 1990-93 squads in with the 1964-65 championship teams. It's obviously a marketing device to make the team's history look more impressive, but it seems to me that no self-respecting Buffalo Bills fan would be seduced by this lame attempt at championship inflation.


MDS said...

I've always thought celebrating a season that doesn't result in a championship is kind of stupid. I think in college it's OK to hang a banner for a conference championship, but in the pros it should be all or nothing.

dhodge said...

I also get irate at sports teams who hang a banner for every one of their stupid accomplishments. Hockey teams seem to be the most egregious violators. Joe Louis Arena is littered with banners commemorating the Red Wings winning their playoff division and other such nonsense. It's not like the Wings don't have any real championships to celebrate, I don't see why they need to clutter up with the rafters with banners celebrating all of the years they didn't win the Stanley Cup.