Wednesday, July 13, 2005

'Scuse me while I kiss this guy

Both I and a loyal reader of Data Janitor have puzzled over the lyrics to the refrain of a song that has been featured in numerous films and commercials over the years. It took a little e-sleuthing, but I managed to track down the artist and song title via the Boogie Nights original motion picture soundtrack and from there, I was able to get the lyrics. Without further ado, the lyrics for Sister Christian by Night Ranger are: "You're motoring / What's your price for flight / In finding mister right / You'll be all right tonight". Our best guess was "Motoring / What's your price to fight?". We were close, but in many respects, way off.


MDS said...

It's interesting that even the other members of the band couldn't understand what he was singing, which is how it got the name "Sister Christian" instead of "Sister Christy." The scene in "Boogie Nights" that features the song is perfect; Roger Ebert pointed out that it could be its own wonderful short film.

dhodge said...

Man, I wish I could remember that scene a little more vividly. I guess I'll have to rent the movie again. My sieve-like memory for films is a blessing and a curse - I can watch the same movie multiple times and be surprised by the same thing over and over, but it sometimes leaves alarming gaps knowledge of my pop culture.

MDS said...

FYI, when you do see Boogie Nights again, keep in mind that that scene is more than two hours in. I don't want you to sit through the whole thing unable to enjoy it because you're wondering when you're going to hear "Sister Christian."