Monday, June 15, 2009

Whole Wheat

I received a beer of the month club subscription for Christmas last year. So far, my two favorite selections have been wheat beers, which has come as something of a surprise since they usually aren't my thing. The first one I tried was Woody's Wheat from the Sand Creed Brewing Company in Wisconsin. It's got a lot of flavor, though it's not overpowering, and has a crisper taste than most wheat beers. The second was an orange infused wheat beer from Four+ Brewing in Utah called Rype. I was initially skeptical of an orange flavored beer, but I really shouldn't have worried, as the flavor was very subtle and I'm a fan of a number of fruit flavored ales.


Alan said...

Speaking off beer, here is my favorite Belgian beer I was telling you about: (

dhodge said...

Thanks. I hope that you drank it out of the traditional drinking vessel. Any beer glass that needs a stand to hold it upright is pretty cool in my book.