Monday, June 22, 2009


We went to check out a small exhibit chronicling the early history of Chinese restaurants in Providence at the Johnson & Wales Culinary Arts Museum. The three restaurants profiled were all long gone before I arrived in Rhode Island, so I don't have any memories of dining at them, or any other old time Chinese-American restaurants for that matter. Still, it was an interesting exhibit. My favorite part was an old newspaper ad from one of the three restaurants (Mee Hong, I believe). There wasn't a date on the clipping but it appeared to be from the 1960s. The ad was targeting local college students and listed each of the local schools along with a selling point for the students at that institution. I don't remember each of the selling points verbatim, but they boiled down to the following:
  • Brown: Authenticity
  • RISD: Decor
  • URI: Value
  • PC: Alcohol
  • Bryant: American-Style Food
  • RIC: Highchairs
40+ years later, the ad probably still resonates pretty well with its intended audiences.

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