Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Buc the Trend

We and a group of friends have been having themed potluck dinner a few times a month for a while now. Tonight's theme was coffee, and we found a good recipe for a coffee meat rub that gave me a chance to fire up the grill for the first time this season. We used Uncle Buc's Coffee Meat Rub on some pork chops and they came out very well. Of course, how could any recipe named after Uncle Buc (the official film of my 13th birthday) not be good? The coffee flavor wasn't very strong; I wouldn't have known that the chops had been rubbed in coffee had I not known the recipe. We didn't bother broiling the coffee, but other than that, we didn't stray from the recipe. We grilled ten medium-sized pork chops so we doubled the recipe, but we have a ton of rub left over, so we probably could have gotten by with a single batch.


gregorykwu said...

For some reason I have a strong memory of that birthday "party" we had for you - I think it was on a half day of school and then we went to the movie theater in the afternoon? You, me, Mike and ... Lyman? Is that right? I know there were only about 4 of us.

dhodge said...

You remember correctly, my birthday did happen to fall on a half day that year. I think there may have been a couple other guests, but everyone you named was definitely in attendance.

Michael David said...

Was that really 13? I definitely remember going to Uncle Buck on a half day for your birthday but for some reason it seems like we were younger than that. Then again, I really wasn't good enough friends with you to go to your birthday party when we were much younger than that. I don't remember the entire guest list but I would guess Danely and Karanbir would be strong candidates.

Do you happen to remember what, if anything, I got you as a gift that year? I seem to remember bringing your birthday gift to school and then misplacing it, but I can't remember if I later found it and gave it to you. If I never did, let me know and I'll issue you a replacement next time I see you.