Monday, March 10, 2008

Up Jumped Spring

I realize that spring doesn't officially start for another week and a half, but now that daylight savings time is in effect and I actually see daylight when I leave the office, it sure feels like spring has sprung. Living on the far eastern edge of the eastern time zone means that in the dead of winter, it gets dark here before 5pm. I got an early glimpse a couple weeks ago when I left work a little early, but until that point, I really hadn't noticed that the days were slowly but surely getting longer. It's still seasonably cool here, but being able to see daylight at the end of the workday is quite a boost for the psyche.

If you'd rather celebrate something that actually happened today, you can celebrate the first annual National Registered Dietitian Day. Go eat something healthy.


Alan said...

Getting dark before 5 PM is nothing. Try living on the Eastern edge of GMT -- gets dark around 3 PM!

dhodge said...

Well, living on the eastern edge of GMT at 51 degrees north latitude doesn't help, but you make an interesting point. The British came up with GMT and yet the sun still sets on London by 4pm in the dead of winter. You think they would've skewed the time to better suit their needs. Of course, perhaps when GMT was created, early morning daylight was considered more important.