Thursday, January 17, 2008

More Great Moments in Blog Commenting History

When I saw that MDS wrote a post about the 20th anniversary of Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder's moronic statements about black athletes, I knew that some top-notch comments were going to come in. This post didn't generate the flood of comments that other posts that mention race, religion, or Heismann trophy voting have generated, but it did produce some comments that made Snyder's remarks look rational by comparison. You can check out the comments on the post if you want to get a better idea of the kind of bigotry and ignorance a post like this one attracts (warning: reading the comments may hurt your brain). Just as there are people who are quick to level the charge of racism against anyone who brings up the subject of race, there seems to be another group of people who are just as quick to dismiss any charges of racism regardless of how obviously racist the statements are. In general, intelligent discourse on anonymous blogs and message boards is the exception, not the rule, but even by those very low standards, the comments on this post were pretty bad.

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JCN said...

No, our comments are not our strongest offering. But I'm still pretty proud of the analysis above them. Thanks for reading.