Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I'm not usually one to write letters to the editor, but I felt the need to express my contempt for this editorial about the fallout from the Danish political cartoons from today's Post-Standard. Here's the text of my letter:

Your editorial addressing the furor over the Danish political cartoons was severely misguided. The European newspapers that printed these cartoons were not attempting to inflame extremism, as you have suggested. They were attempting to make a statement about efforts on the part of Islamic fundamentalists to force European societies into forsaking freedoms that are incompatible with their fundamentalist world view. As the rioters have shown us, freedom of expression and freedom of conscience, values that are essential to modern democratic societies, have no place in their world. To suggest that anyone should have to forsake or even temper these freedoms in order to appease radical fundamentalists is both irresponsible and dangerous.



MDS said...

Well said. I would add that any paper that writes about these cartoons ought to print them to allow readers to decide for themselves how offensive they are. The standard response of every newspaper (to my knowledge, only two daily papers, the New York Sun and Philadelphia Inquierer have printed them) has been that they don't want to offend anyone's religious beliefs. That's absurd, of course -- newspapers print things that offend Christians all the time. The real reason is that they're afraid of the backlash.

dhodge said...

They printed my letter (with some edits) today.

MDS said...

Apparently your fellow letter-writer S. Rafiq Ahmad has no problem with murdering someone who offends his sensibilities, as the only thing he mentions that he objects to is portraying Muhammad in a newspaper. He says he's opposed to offensive statements against all religions. I wonder how many letters to the editor he wrote denouncing newspapers that printed a picture of the Virgin Mary with elephant dung on her.