Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Derek Zoolander Centre For Kids for Can't Read Good

Former NHL head coach Jacques Demers, who guided the Montreal Canadiens to the Stanley Cup in 1993, admitted today that he never learned how to read. The details of Demers illiteracy are spelled out in his new biography. One interesting detail is how Demers, who is originally from Montreal and speaks both French and English, used his bilingualism as a way to hide his illiteracy. When someone asked him to read something in English, he would decline and say he's better at reading French, and vice versa. Francophone visitors can read more here.

Tip o' the toque: Dusty Young


MDS said...

Great story. I'm amazed that it isn't getting more play. It's not on the front page of or Kudos to the coach for coming clean.

Unknown said...

I guess the US doesn't care about hockey or illiteracy. I really can't even imagine what it would be like to be illiterate in this day and age. You couldn't even blog.

dusty said...

Le Centre Derek Zoolander Pour Les Enfants Qui Ne Lisent Pas Bon [le sic]? Beau travail, mon ami. As you've probably noticed, this story is starting to garner US interest. I can remember some friends getting Jacques' autograph from Westland Mall in the late 80s without any Best Wishes or Go Wings salutations, unlike the other team members involved who probably thought it rude to not add the extra niceties (Shawn Burr, Steve Yzerman, Gerard Gallant, Greg Stefan, Joey Kocur). This story's also left me piqued about what other high profile jobs could allow an illiterate person to thrive other than one in sports or music. Oh wait: POTUS and FLOTUS.

gregorykwu said...

After reading this story, I'm not entirely convinced Demers was illiterate - he seems to just be a lazy bastard who didn't bother to learn more than writing "best wishes" or never bothered to learn how to "read good."

Which gets me thinking, how did he keep the X and O's straight in his game plan? No wonder the Wings couldn't win the Cup in the eighties, they probably had to read shit like "Enuffz Enuffz! Pley 2 win, Yous ur Hed!" on the blackboard. I bet he loves to send text messages on his cell phone though.