Friday, May 29, 2009

Graffiti Bridge

The ruins of the old Michigan Central Train Depot is probably one of the most iconic symbols of Detroit's decline. Still, I had to chuckle a big when I saw my family name graffito tagged in front of the buildings crumbling facade.

It caught my brother's eye while looking through this photo gallery from the Detroit Free Press. He claims to have no idea how our name wound up spray painted in front of the depot. I've looked into his alibi, and it seems to check out.


Alan said...

I forgot to tell you this isn't the first time I have seen our name in graffiti. One time in Pontiac, MI I saw our name on the side of a building. Same style -- just the name and nothing else. Maybe it's the same artist.

dhodge said...

I'm responsible for the one in Pontiac.