Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Beyond Compare

I had a friend in high school who was a Dinosaur Jr. fanatic. In fact, he was such a huge fan that he refused to call them anything but their original name (Dinosaur). So while I've been familiar with Dinosaur Jr. and many of the original member's side projects for a long time, I never actually got around to listening to any of their music until recently. I recently picked up Beyond, which I later learned is result of the band's recent reunion after 19 years apart. It's a great album, and it's the first time I've really gotten excited about anything new in the rock/alt rock genre in a long time. I think that one of the reasons I've never been too big on a lot of the alt rock/indie rock bands is a lot of them don't rock all that hard. The stuff on Beyond rocks pretty hard. It's generally more of a punk influenced sound than the blues rock sound that I really dig, but I've never had a problem with punk rock, providing that it actually rocks.

As an aside, in addition to just getting around to discovering Dinosaur Jr., I'm also still getting my feet wet in the digital music world. I was considering just purchasing a single track from the album (This is All I Came To Do), since it was the only one I was familiar with before making my purchase, but I decided against it. While I like the idea of being able to pick and choose songs individually, I still think that for any reasonably serious artist, the album, while it may be a completely artificial construct in the digital music world, is still an important artistic statement.


Michael David said...

I'm always interested in bands, TV shows, movies, etc., that need to change their names after finding out that another band/movie/TV show had the same name before them. My first thought is usually, "How the hell did they not check that sooner?" But then I remember that before Google, it was actually kind of hard to check those things.

gregorykwu said...

Hodge - I'm glad you've finally come around Dinosaur Jr; Carinci would be proud. Since you're about 15 years behind, go out and pick up copies of You're Living All Over Me, Bug, and Green Mind.

dusty said...

Saw their reunion tour stop in Boulder, and thought I might need sign language lessons afterwards. J Mascis' dials start at 11. It was striking how post-punk (e.g., Gang of Four) they sounded, startling almost, a detail I had somehow forgotten. Which is to say that I enjoyed the show immensely, almost as much as the Stooges reunion show.