Thursday, November 08, 2007

Links for People Who Enjoy Wasting Time

This post let me to this site. I scored a 78% on Cities of Rhode Island quiz, which is a decent score for a non-native, I think. I also tried the World Leaders quiz. I scored a 98%, but it took me about three minutes. The quiz is a bit out-of-date, showing the former Nigerian, British and French heads of state. They did manage to update Japan, whose Prime Minister has been on the job for just over a month.

I also found this site, which ranks the top 101 cities in the US according to all kinds of different criteria. Prepare to waste time.


Michael David said...

Interesting, but I take issue with your suggestion that this is a waste of time. Reading through the site with the top 101 cities is only a waste of time if you also think reading a nonfiction book that's heavy on data about various aspects of various cities is a waste of time. I think learning more about our world is a wonderful use of time.

dhodge said...

I meant the good kind of wasting time, like when you get sidetracked by something interesting when you're supposed to be doing something that is not all that interesting.