Monday, March 26, 2007

Bracket Coverage

I enter a modest college football betting pool every season, but I rarely fill out an NCAA bracket and when I do, I never have any money riding on it. I may want to reconsider this strategy, as I tend to fare rather poorly in my football pool but finish near the top in March. This year has been no exception, so far. I managed to get three of the final four correct. The only one I missed was Florida (I had Maryland) and the only reason I missed Florida was because I'm kind of sick of them. Were I playing with my head instead of my heart, perhaps I would have had the Gators in the final four. The last time I remember filling out a bracket, I managed to guess the entire final four correctly (2002). I attribute my success in the NCAA basketball tournament to my lack of knowledge about and interest in college basketball. I tend to put a lot of effort into my bowl picks because I've always watched a lot more college football than college basketball and feel like I know enough to make intelligent decisions. For what it's worth, I have Ohio State over UCLA in the final.


Alan said...

I agree with you 100%. I follow college football very closely but never do well in the poll. I barely followed college basketball this year, and I have 3/4 of the final four teams and I am in a good position to win the poll (provided it's Georgetown over Florida in the final). A few years ago I picked Georgia Tech (even though I didn't know anyone on the team) and they almost won.

Michael David said...

There's a lot of truth to that. I followed college basketball more closely this year than ever before, and I only got two out of four -- not a very good showing in a year with so few upsets.