Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Beating a Dead Horse

Not to keep writing about Parade Magazine, but Michelle pointed this out to me today and I just had to mention it. This week's issue (the annual worst dictators in the world issue) featured a question in Walter Scott's Personality Parade regarding the status of Kentucky Derby champion Barbaro. The reply stated that Barbaro has recovered from his January 13th surgery and is in stable condition. Unless you have been living under a rock without access to Deadspin for the past couple of weeks, you certainly have heard that Barbaro is now in horsey heaven.

The online version of Parade includes a retraction and explains that Barbaro was euthananized after the current issue went to press. Barbaro was put down on January 29th and the current issue of Parade came out on February 11th, so it appears that Parade goes to press at least two weeks before it is published. I was somewhat surprised to learn this. Of course, it's not like Parade contains any timely information, so I guess it doesn't really matter when it goes to press.

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