Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ultimate Warrior

Saturday marked the end of the summer ultimate frisbee season in these parts. Our team didn't do all that well, I think we either tied for dead last or came in second-to-last in the eleven team league. It seems like whenever I participate in team sports, the team I'm on doesn't do all that well. I've even been accused of being an inverse Michael Jordan, i.e. someone so bad that he makes the people who play with him even worse. I don't think that's he case, but I haven't ruled it out either.

Some people would argue that ultimate frisbee really isn't a sport. I don't enjoy getting into these kinds of debates, but I will say that I think a lot of people confuse "not a sport" with "a sport that I don't like". When I started playing ultimate a couple of years ago, I did it mainly as a way to get some exercise. It delivered plenty of exercise, but I didn't really enjoy it that much. I stopped playing for a while, then came back to it last fall with a different attitude. Instead of just looking at it was a way to get my heart pumping, I decided to make more of an effort to learn the game. I have enjoyed it a lot more ever since I started caring more about the game.

Here's a picture of me from last Saturday's tournament. Lest anyone think my hairline has receded drastically in the past year, I'm the nose, arms, and knee on the right side of the photo. Note that I am severely out of position on defense in this photo. I was getting burned by this guy all game long.


gregorykwu said...

Ahh. Ultimate Frisbee. While I am glad to see that you are posting again to your blog, I am disappointed to learn that you're actively participating in the worst "sport" of all time. The hippies who invented this game should be beaten with a sack of doorknobs.

DannyNoonan said...

Ultimate is the best sport of all time. And I assure you I'm not a hippie. Anyone who thinks it isn't a sport has never played or is a huge pussy. It requires a great deal of athleticism--more than any other sport I've ever played (my other sports are Soccer and Triathlon if that says anything). The skills are difficult to master and impressive to see. The strategy is complicated too. I can't understand why anyone who has tried it wouldn't like it.

Also, you don't look out of position in that pic. I'm assuming you're forcing flick, no? You should have your hands down instead of up though.

dhodge said...

As my wife pointed out, I didn't get broken so I wasn't that out of position. My hands are definitely out of place, though.