Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mt. Tom Trail

We went hiking out in the Arcadia Management Area this past weekend. I'm writing this post mostly to document how we got there, since finding these kinds of hiking trails is generally more difficult than the actual hike. I'd like to do this hike again in the fall, since it offers some decent views. The trail takes you up to the top of Mt. Tom, which isn't much of a mountain, and back down to the road (RI-165). We turned around and came back the same way at that point, but there were some more trails north of 165 that we could have explored.

  • Exit I-95 onto RI-102S

  • Right onto RI-3 S (Nooseneck Hill Rd.)

  • Right onto RI-165 (Ten Rod Rd.)

  • Pass Arcadia Management Area main entrance

  • Pass a white church on right

  • Take the next left onto Mt. Tom Rd.

  • Travel less than a mile down Mt. Tom Rd and park at small clearing on the left side of the road before small bridge over stream

  • Mt. Tom trail starts on the other side of the road

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