Sunday, April 09, 2006

School Days

I was filling out a job application that asked for the mailing address of my high school. To my surprise, my Google search turned up a Wikipedia entry for my high school. Any estimate on how much longer until Wikipedia has cataloged every piece of information known to man?


MDS said...

What kind of job were you applying for? Generally I think job applicants are asked to give up way too much information. If you've got a college degree, shouldn't that suffice? Why do you need to demonstrate that you have a high school degree?

dhodge said...

The reason they wanted all of this info was for a background check. The company does a lot of work with the government. As far as I know, the position I'm interviewing for doesn't involve gov't work. Even if it did, I assume I'd have to apply for some kind of government clearance if I went to work there.